Artwork and Farming notes from Mockingbird Farm

Mini paintings for July 2020

I cut seven small wooden panels (5x7 inches, about 12x18 cm) a few months back, but didn't get any time to paint in late winter or spring. By the end of June I was dying to pick up my brushes again. I started working on the small pieces because my time is still pretty limited, but a 2-3 hour pieces is doable. It's so important to actually finish the darned things! So, here are three of them.

Misty Bus Ride came from a photo my daughter took last fall on the way to school.

Tiny Waterfall is from a photo my son took last spring at a little watercourse near Lake Koon, PA. It's a favorite spot that we try to visit a time or two every year. It's especially beautiful when it's running high in the spring!

Red Barn Rainbow is from a photo my husband took this May; we have had a lot of evening thunderstorms that result in rainbows. That barn is on my father's farm, just a short distance from where we live currently.

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